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Learn Quick & Easy Pro Photo Tricks for Your Camera

Take advantage of Photojournalist Malinda Hartong’s 20 years of professional experience – shooting literally EVERYTHING! You don’t need a fancy camera to make great pictures – learn how to use what you have to it’s fullest.

"We had such a great time with Malinda on Saturday for our 1 one 1 class with a friend. We learned so much from her in the 2 hours that we spent with her. I have been taking pictures for years and have always used AUTO. I will never go back to AUTO, I never dreamed I could take such great pictures. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to expanded there camera knowledge she is very friendly and most definitely patience." Cathy K

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Keeping it Simple & Fun!

Malinda has experience teaching (& using!) all camera types – from smart phone to SLR to Mirrorless, Point & Shoot! Learn your camera with our detailed handouts and a hands-on approach. Malinda’s been teaching for years too – simplifying all her pro tricks so you can make pro-style shots WITHOUT manual mode! You won’t believe how easy it is!

Book your 1st lesson below by choosing 1, 2, or 3 Lessons. Here's what you'll learn! Or purchase a Gift Certificate to use later. Already have one? Book a Prepaid/Gift Lesson now

"I have taken other photography classes and read books but nothing really clicked with me.  I desperately needed help in getting my camera out of scene mode and Malinda’s straight forward instruction helped me focus on the basics of what is important when taking a photo.  It already seems less intimidating and I have taken some awesome new photos." Michelle

learn your camera before your big trip

1 Lesson - Perfect for Beginners!

  • Focus! get your camera to focus where YOU want, not the factory settings that choose for you! Yuck!
  • 1st Button to set – use 1 powerful button to adjust for bright sun, dark indoors, fast action
  • Flash! when to REALLY use or not use flash – this tip blows everyone’s mind!
  • Lenses! Which lens to use when – yes there are really cool tricks for this too! Moms LOVE this trick!
  • Add a friend $25
  • BOOK NOW  one 2 hour lesson is $125  

2 Lessons! Most Popular!

  • All of Lesson 1 PLUS: 
  • Unlock Your Photo Super Power – totally transform your photos with 1 button! EASY with ANY camera - iPhone to SLR
  • Action! Indoors & out! Great for sports moms!
  • Composition tricks plus less cropping, better quality images.
  • Low light – And no, don't worry, you DONT NEED MANUAL MODE!!!
  • Gorgeous family photos - easy pro portrait tricks
  • Rock That Trip! getting the best images of your travels - of YOUR Family & not everyone else's :)
  • Gear – what you need, where to get it! Reliable dealer recommendations. Avoid buying something that won't work with your gear or doesn't have a US warranty! SAVE $$$$
  • Basic File Management – storing all your gorgeous images!
  • Add a friend $50. TIP! 2 friends - 2 lessons, Just $125 each - TWICE THE FUN! Each book 1 lesson - Just note while booking. :)
  • BOOK NOW - 2 lessons $199Save $50!

3 LessonsEasy Editing too!

  • Editing - another Super Power! – from phone to tablet (love iPad!) to computer - recommendations based on your life & gear
  • More tricks for organizing, editing, sharing, saving & finding your images much easier! And MUCH FASTER! How to Save TONS of TIME!
  • Pretty blurred backgrounds! Simplifying f-stops! You really won't believe how easy! Not kidding!
  • How to AVOID Manual Mode like we do! It's too slow! Don't miss shots - capture them!
  • Flash Super Powers! Cool controls pros use to tone down flash fast & easy! How to balance flash & ambient light - the easy way!
  • Your Passion! special interests – how to shoot what you love - performances & stage, macro, wildlife, sports, portraits,...
  • Add friends $75 each. 
  • BOOK NOW - all 3 amazing lessons are just $270SAVE OVER $100!

TIP! Add lessons after your first booking for $100 each with our VIP Program! Learn more or come back for a refresher!

Custom classes or help splitting between friends? Just call 513-245-4100 or email Malinda - happy to help!

​"Highly recommend classes to anyone! Malinda is a great teacher. She is super sweet and friendly. She shares her knowledge of 25 years experience and gives you useful information that will impact your photos. I learned so much in just one class and look forward to our next class." Ester

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